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Monday, August 9, 2010

it has been a few days or maybe weeks... we have been working on a few different projects... the first i want to talk about it the

New Toyota FJ Cruiser Pre Runner front Bumper we are building... 
we have a radius tubing bender and we wanted to try something else out.. so we start bending a bumper witht he same radius as the hood of the FJ Cruiser... the top bar material is 1 3/4 .095 think the down tube is 1 1/2 .095 and the cross tubes are 1 1/4 .095... we had custome laser cut mounts made . we tigged welded the complete bumper and i think it came out Wicked.. what do you think????..... the FJ comes back tomorrow so we can make the skid plate patterns.. here are some pics...