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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

here are some pics of the air bag cart we custom built from the ground.... click on the link and youll see and little video

WOW not sure where to start with this one

we started this project over a year ago

started with a 99 ezgo 36 volt DCS cart

went through many hours for R&D on making a 4 link rear end with bags and a link font end with bags

we design a new 4 seater cage with a soft top would also cover the back seat people..

id you were needed a cold one the back seat people could lean forward and pull a cold one out of the stainless cooler

we made it street legal in cali

so to make it wicked we frenched in the turns signals and tail lights.. using LED lights

then out of sunbrella material a 2 tone soft top with matching leather edges that rap around the cage

billet 3 panel mirror

billet cgrab handles

had it painted to match one of the colors of his 10ft mini boat that he plans to pull with this cart

Chrome type 7.s from ITP rapped in low pro tires

some bad ass digital gauge for the amperage and voltage made for rv and marine rigs\

onbooard air compressor and tank... many hours on hooking up the right solinoids crazy stuff

custom seats to pimp it out even more ...................
billet rear step with the customers last name ingraved in it...

custom carpet floor matt
here is a little video of the finished product and then ill make a flash of the complete build and post that later

We have now start on our Radius 4 seater cage for the 2010 Polaris Ranger...this cage also includes a rear bumper mounted to the rear fram for extra strength... we will be using a PRP 54" rear seat and the rear seat mount will be part of the cage... DJ Safty 5 point belts.. here is a few pics for now...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Coming Soon!

Air Bagged Golf cart project (from start to finish pictures)

2010 Polaris Ranger 4 seater radius cage

Electric drag cart build

a zone electric 6 seater custom long travel 8.5" lift kit

and much much more